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This is a walkthrough on how to setup BitTorrent Torrent for your particular internet connection. Testing your connection speed – torrent customers need to be configured in accordance with upload speed so as to avoid choking your own connection, Since you’ll be uploading at your speed.

So you’ll have to test your connection: 2. Setting your upload speed – Go to Options > Speed Guide – Select the listing closest to your upload speed result – Higher settings won’t give you better speed, and might in fact make download speeds worse. Too little an upload rate will give the same outcome.

So do not try to be greedy. Click the Use Selected Settings button in the bottom of the Speed manual window. Tweaking the speed – The Speed Guide is ideal for establishing a range of variables it does not work if your test rate falls half way between a couple of the speeds. Take your upload speed result in kbit\/s and divide it by 8 – Take your speed in kByte\/s and multiply it by 0.7 – Go to Options > Preferences > Bandwidth and put your result in the Maximum upload rate box. Allowing Protocol Encryption – so as to reduce their bandwidth demands Many ISPs interfere with activities.

BitTorrent, uTorrent sharing speeds to become slow is caused by this. To keep this from happening, uTorrent, BitTorrent have introduced a security protocol to prevent ISPs from identifying traffic.

Set Outgoing under Protocol Encryption to Enable, assess Allow legacy links. Some ISPs have extremely aggressive limitation methods and for all those users it could Be required to set outgoing to Forced, however this will significantly reduce on the number of peers you can connect to. Enabled is sufficient for most users. Authorizing BitTorrent\/uTorrent in your firewall – People using the Microsoft Windows XP\/Vista firewall: Go to Options > Preferences > Connection, check Add BitTorrent\/uTorrent to Windows Firewall.

This is enabled by default. People utilizing other firewalls: you’ll have to refer to your software’s own documentation. Trying it out – The customer should now be set properly for your own connection.

You can test your rate with any torrent of your choice. We suggest downloading one of the many free BitTorrent Now bundles available at http:\/\/now.bt.co – If you’re behind a router, then you’ll also need to follow the directions on the rest of the page. Resolving a NAT problem – in the bottom of the client window towards the center of the status bar you’ll see a coloured dot.